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Reflexive Performance Reset™ is a non-invasive, soft tissue, muscular reset that restores the body to proper function by resetting harmful internal compensation patterns that can make someone more prone to injury and reduce performance. Athletes and non-athletes alike are under constant stress, which is interpreted as being in survival mode by the body. When in survival mode the body utilizes harmful compensation patterns to continue to function at the highest level it can, which can lead to injury due to the improper muscle firing patterns. 

RPR™ resets the body out of survival mode and into performance mode. The body has two priorities for optimal performance; to breathe and move correctly. By implementing the RPR™ system, both are achieved. Compensation patterns are the main cause of non-contact injuries in sport as well as everyday aches and pains that limit performance. Utilizing specialized soft tissue work on specific reflex points on the body, it is possible to shift the body out of these harmful patterns and reduce pain, increase flexibility, and help an athlete’s body become more resilient to injury. Schedule an RPR session with me to take control of your health, optimize performance and dive deeper into learning more about your body and mind.


Stephen Volek has been practicing RPR for the past eight years and is well versed in soft-tissue work, acupressure points, reflexology points and neurology. 

He is certified Level 1 and 2 in Reflexive Performance Reset and is fully vaccinated under current COVID-19 vaccination protocols.

Reflexive Performance Reset- Email for Pricing

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