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Supporting Players During COVID-19 – With Stephen Volek, Head S&C Coach, Binghamton Devils

FIRSTBEAT SPORTS PODCAST - EPISODE 14 – published 8 Jun 2020

Topics Discussed in this episode
  • How the team is adapting during the Coronavirus pandemic

  • Training programs during grueling AHL schedule

  • Strategies for low game minute players

  • Collaborating with the New Jersey Devils

  • Position-specific data – what it shows


Stephen’s background (0:54)  

How has Coronavirus affected Binghamton Devils (2:43) 

What Athlete Management System do Devils use (4:02)

Main differences between college and pro sports S/C programming (5:40)

Cal Dietz’ triphasic programming (7:48)

Building training program during busy in-season schedule (8:38)

Balancing high-minute and low-minute players (10:04)

Collaborating with New Jersey Devils (11:35)

Quickfire round (13:12)

Differences with Firstbeat implementation at Yale and Binghamton Devils (14:45)

How the Devils use Firstbeat (16:21)

How to present Firstbeat data to head coach (17:53)

TRIMP differences per position and game data (19:07)

Firstbeat buy-in from players (22:08)

Stephen’s best advice for new S/C coaches (23:43)

Upper Left Performance #30 Devan McConnell & Stephen Volek - Constructing High Performance Throughout an NHL Organization 

Published July 26, 2021

This week I am lucky to be joined by not one, but two members of the New Jersey Devils performance staff. Director of Performance/Reconditioning Coach Devan McConnell and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Devil's AHL affiliate in Binghamton, Stephen Volek are live on the pod talking their performance model. Both guys bring a wealth of hockey experience to the table here and it was particularly insightful hearing how much they utilize every member of the organization to influence performance. Together, these guys outline the importance of the analytics staff, coaches, players and trainers in relation to developing tangible metrics to assess performance and necessary interventions. They also shine a light on the technology being used including force plates, GPS data and HR monitoring. In a time where traditional strength coaching is no longer the sole role of a coach, it was refreshing to hear about all the ways we can influence performance and involve ourselves in establishing a culture of winning. Thanks to these two for discussing their process in moving the industry forward!

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