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Professional Sports Science Data Management and Reporting

  • As a strength and conditioning professional for the last 12 years, it is no secret to me that sometimes our schedules can get a little hectic. I have worked in a university setting where I was personally in charge in 7 teams. Not only is that a lot of work by itself, but currently sports science technology is easily accessible and affordable. For this reason, more and more teams, especially at the collegiate levels, are using it. This leads to an overwhelming amount of work for a sports performance professional who is trying to give their athlete the best care they possibly can in the weight room while also trying to give sport coaches the most actionable sports science information they can, to help their teams win. 

  • I live everyday and have approached my career with a strong growth mindset, always wanting to learn and develop my skills, and I know many coaches in this profession live their lives the same way. However, at some point we just run out of time during the 24 hours we get each day. This led me to believe there is a need for someone to help make your lives a little bit easier and less stressful. Below you will find many different sports science and data related solutions to help you give your coaches the data feedback they want, while also growing as a professional yourself. 

  • Reports created using Microsoft Power BI or Tableau. 

  • Only thing needed on your end will be Excel or CSV exports from your sports science platform.

Coming Soon...

4 Week Microsoft Power BI Training Program 

  • Follow along week to week on different report and dashboard creations so that you can learn this great program to add a different skill set to your coaching toolbox.

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