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Chad Wagner – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – University of Findlay

“Stephen came to the University of Findlay as a young coach with a passion for training and a constant will to learn more to help our athletes succeed. He was a huge part of the Oiler Strength staff for the two years he was with us and left our program in a better place. Not only is Stephen a great coach, but I can say as a close friend, he is an even better person. He truly cares about each and every athlete he works with, and I know he gives it everything he has for whatever team he is working with.”  

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Joe Lorincz – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – New Jersey Devils

“During Stephen’s four years with our organization he did an unbelievable job. From day one, he was confident and comfortable in the professional environment and would go out of his way to make sure the athletes got the type of care and attention to detail they needed. The players loved having him on staff as he brought a fun and excited attitude to the rink each day. Stephen’s natural desire to always improve led to him becoming a key member of our staff, especially as we dove deeper into adding more sports science and technology. If you are looking to add a great coach and person to your staff or are looking for someone to help you reach your performance goals, Stephen is the guy.”

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Cal Dietz – Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning – University of Minnesota 

“I’ve known Stephen for the past 11 years. From the time he started as an intern with me in 2010, to becoming one of my full-time assistants in 2013, and seeing him progress to working for multiple professional hockey organizations, it has always been clear that Stephen undoubtedly loves what he does, gives everything he has, and truly cares about the athletes he works with. He is well versed in elite training methods, including Triphasic Training, very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to sports science, and has a strong background in Reflexive Performance Reset. Stephen is someone I would highly recommend if you are serious about your training or looking to help your organization grow. “

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Brijesh Patel – Director of Strength and Conditioning – Quinnipiac University

“Stephen Volek is one of the most thoughtful and conscientious performance professionals that I know. He is well versed in all aspects of sports performance from sports science to neurology to training. He is one of my go to coaches when I’m looking for help. You will not be disappointed with Stephen’s ability to help you or your organization.”

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Simon Whiteman – Short Stop – San Francisco Giants Organization

“Stephen’s strength program set me off on the right foot at the start of my college career at Yale. Within the first four months of being on campus, I put on 15 pounds of quality mass and improved my baseline metrics at the same time. An awesome introduction to serious weight room training. His implementation of the triphasic program was my go-to over several summers of baseball as well. Thanks, Stephen!”

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Adam Virgile – Performance Information Engineer/Sports Science – LA Clippers

“Stephen is an incredibly passionate sports performance professional. From strength and conditioning coaching to sport science skills, Stephen can add value to any organization.”

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