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You only have one body. Taking care of it should be a daily priority. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone who just wants to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle, this wellness consultation is for you. This is a comprehensive fitness and lifestyle consultation and questionnaire that reviews all aspects of your habits, both healthy, and those ones you could improve on. The questionnaire is broken down into 8 different sections: 

  • Nutrition 

  • Stress

  • Sleep Cycle Health 

  • Nutrition Timing 

  • Digestive System Health 

  • Fungus and Parasites 

  • Detoxification System

  • Overall Total Score

After our call, you will have an idea of where you fall within each of these sections. The scores can range from low priority to high priority. Price includes both a pdf of your results from the questionnaire to see quantifiable feedback of where your lifestyle falls and the consultation call with me to take the questionnaire, review the results, discuss how we can improve any high priority areas, and any other questions you may have. A follow up questionnaire and review will also be available for half the cost so that we can review all your progress!

Comprehensive Wellness Questionnaire and Consult

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